Academy of Foot Zone

About Our Academy

The Foot Zone modality is a powerful and complete healing technique that has the potential to enhance the health of those who experience consistent treatments. The Academy of Foot Zone is dedicated to continued diligence in the development and promotion of this technique. Our goal is that all recipients of Foot Zone will notice improved health and vitality. With this endeavor in mind, we will be available to help guide our students to find their intended career path. In addition, we intend for our students to discover personal growth and a sense of community here at AFZ. The Academy of Foot Zone has long been known for their personal support and interest in their students and we will continue to do so.

About - Academy of Foot Zone

Our complete course of study was developed by the co-founders Kathy Duvall and Christine Christensen and we retain full ownership and rights of all instructional materials for the program. Established in June 2002, the Academy of Foot Zone Therapy is a credible school and is certified with the Utah Foot Zone Association (UFZA). In addition to being affiliated with UFZA, Kathy and Christine have both played key roles in supporting that organization.

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