About the Academy of Foot Zone


As a Foot Zone Therapy practitioner and instructor, Kathy saw the need for more structure in the educational aspect of Foot Zone Therapy. Kathy wanted to develop an educational program that would be more comprehensive and provide better quality control within the Foot Zone field. With her extensive knowledge in alternative healing she began the journey. Starting from scratch, Kathy wrote a thorough training with has developed into the current training manuals. Christine was supportive in graphics and writing in the beginning and recently became a full-time partner.

About - Academy of Foot Zone

Current Status

We have established the Academy of Foot Zone and are in the process of creating a board of directors. There is an updated series of textbooks available through AFZ as well as a newly produced tutorial dvd. AFZ offers group classes in Utah, and Washington with options in California, Arizona and Michigan and a great Home Study option . We are in the process of certifying new teachers so that the classes may be offered nationwide.

Mission Statement

The Academy of Foot Zone is an educational center dedicated to teaching Foot Zone Therapy and other techniques for supporting health and well-being. Our purpose is to insure that Foot Zone Therapy is presented in a consistent, professional and current manner.

Foot Zone Therapy is a powerful and complete healing technique that can change the health of those who experience consistent treatments. Our purpose is that all recipients of Foot Zone Therapy should notice improved health and vitality. We also intend that our students will gain career opportunities as well as personal growth.

The Academy of Foot Zone is dedicated to continued diligence in the development and promotion of this technique.