Foot Zone Therapy Classes - Academy of Foot Zone

You will find that our affordable Hybrid - Interactive at home study course will provide our students a variety of ways and experiences to obtain their Foot Zone education. AFZ commits to engage with their students in ways that allow them to develop this technique from their own home and receive an exceptional education using:

  • Independent Study
  • Group Classes
  • Interactive Training
  • Hands On Tutoring
  • Zoom Instruction, both personal and group

The curriculum at AFZ includes 80 - 100 hours of training and is taught by a group of experienced zoners to provide a variety of learning styles.

You'll receive the following materials:

  • Academy of Foot Zone, copyrighted Textbooks “Introduction to the Zone” and “Advanced Zone”
  • Study guide to accompany each section of the textbooks
  • Instructional DVD
  • Four review books
  • Body/Zone charts
  • Flip Chart of the Zone

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Foot Zone Therapy Classes - Academy of Foot Zone

Continuing Education

AFZ is highly committed to continuing education and offers exceptional ongoing classes to students to improve and update their practice whether they have taken a break from zoning or desire to stay current on new techniques.

  • Advanced Training - Once you have graduated from AFZ, you may retake the zoom series for $400.00, which includes unlimited access to zoom classes for 1 year.
  • AFZ also offers an annual advanced training retreat in September. The conference lasts 3 days and is designed to keep Foot Zoners and Instructors on the cutting edge of their field.
  • Monthly Zoom Calls that include a wide variety of topics and presenters.

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Detailed Class Description

Foot Zone Therapy Classes - Academy of Foot Zone

Introduction To Zone

This introduction portion of the class provides the foundation for learning the Foot Zone. The class also presents the establishment and history of Foot Zone. You will learn the “Body Map” on the foot and discover the relationship of the map to your physical body. Upon completion of this section students will have the knowledge of how to apply a total Zone following a flip chart as well as an understanding of how to assess clients needs and how the treatment works.

Advanced Zone

This in-depth portion of the class studies each of the systems of the body including: Endocrine, Digestive, Structural, Nervous, Excretory and Circulatory Systems. We study the functions of the systems as well as disorders,and ways to strengthen and repair these systems. During this portion of the training, we go over each part of the system, placement on the foot map and what they feel like in varying degrees of health. You will learn to “listen” to what the feet are telling you about the condition of the body.

Final Exam

The Final exam is offered to “Certify” that you have completed the entire class and can demonstrate an understanding of the information. The exam consists of a review, a test, a hands-on quiz and a brief oral review with the instructor.

Thank you for your interest.

  • Sunshine AhQuin 435-229-8224
  • Christine Christensen 425-293-6136
  • Kathy Duvall 435-881-1702

If you have any further questions, please contact Sunshine, Christine or Kathy today!