Kathy Duvall - Co-founder Academy of Foot Zone

Kathy Duvall

Enterprise, Utah



Kathy Duvall

Kathy has educated herself in the areas of iridology, herbology, nutraceuticals, creative healing, essential oils and Foot Zone. Her philosophy is that prevention and early detection, associated with appropriate support for the body, can lead to a long, healthy, vibrant and energized life. Kathy is committed to assisting people who are sincerely interested in their overall health and wellness to achieve the benefits of optimum health. Sharing the benefits of Zoning with others has enhanced her life fulfillment greatly. “This has become and will remain my life’s work.”

Back in 1973, while employed at a Medical Center in Traverse City, Michigan, a series of health issues in her family motivated her to seek health answers in the non-traditional way. She searched for answers by taking classes, reading, studying and meeting with others that had beaten “incurable” medical problems. In this process Kathy learned all she could about how the body works and heals. Her quest for knowledge in the natural health field started then and has never stopped. When she was introduced to Foot Zone Therapy she was able to pull all the knowledge that she had accumulated over the years together. Using all these tools has helped her understand how the body becomes ill, and how it can heal itself. She loves to help others learn about the miracles or their bodies.

Kathy has been Zoning since 1998. When she opened her business as a Foot Zone Practitioner it was only a short time before she had people waiting a month or more to get an appointment with her. Her practice has continued to thrive simultaneous with the formation and development of her school, The Academy of Foot Zone. She is the co-founder of the Academy and co-authored a custom student curriculum, based on her vast experience in natural healing, anatomy, and thousands of hours of hands-on Foot Zone Therapy with hundreds of clients. Kathy started teaching classes in 2001. Because of her dedication, there are many AFZ trained Foot Zone Practitioners around the country. The Academy of Foot Zone has also certified instructors nationwide who currently use the instructional materials developed by Kathy Duvall and Christine Christensen to teach students via the Academy.

Christine Christensen - Co-founder Academy of Foot Zone

Christine Christensen

Mill Creek, Bothell, WA



Christine Christensen

Christine is the co-founder of the Academy of Foot Zone. She and her partner Kathy created a full curriculum, which laid the foundation for building the academy. After teaching classes and perfecting the method, they enlisted and trained other foot zoners to teach with the Academy. They have also created a dynamic continuing education program, including monthly zoom calls, and an annual Foot Zone Retreat.

Christine founded Lighthouse Presentations, a program for empowering and instilling self-esteem and awareness in youth. She graduated with Honors from Utah State University, where she studied Philosophy, and worked post bachelorette as a Student Advisor and Interim Director of Multicultural Student Services for eight years. Through her work with Student Services and Lighthouse Presentations, she learned firsthand the power of positive thought and its influence on the outcome of the healing process; this in turn guided her towards the healing arts.

In 1997, Cade, Christine’s eldest son, was diagnosed with neonatal lupus. After seeking traditional western medical advice, with little success, and after having been subjected to excessive testing, she and her mother Kathy sought the healing power of Foot Zone, through which her son became miraculously symptom free. The efficacy of Foot Zone during her son’s illness set Christine and her mother on the path of learning to practice Foot Zone, so that others might also have a chance of improved health.

This was the beginning of Christine’s relationship with Foot Zoning and she has practiced and studied this ancient healing art ever since that time.

In 2004 she moved to Washington and has made it her passion and full-time profession. In addition, she has studied aroma therapy, energy work, the medicinal and therapeutic functions of vitamins, nutrition, and herbs, all of which she incorporates into her practice of Foot Zone as a holistic approach to healing. Christine enjoys dancing, horseback riding, singing, and spending time with her friends, family and two children, Cade and Tia. She owns and operates Vitality Zone, in Mill Creek, WA, which is her private practice. Her life’s work and passion is dedicated to her clients, students, and promoting Foot Zone.