Conference Calls

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May 1, 8:00 pm, MST 

For the May conference call Christine will be sharing the presentation that she developed for the Utah Foot Zone Conference - "Body Awareness". she will be sharing how our body responds to external stimulation, the chemical reaction and how to be aware of when and how it is happening and make sure we are responding in a positive way for our body. She will also share how we can help this process with Foot Zone Therapy.

We have a Power Point Presentation and and will be sharing the screen if you want to follow along, please email ahead of time so we can send you an invite to the online portion of the call.

We will also be announcing the next conference for AFZ.

Call info:

Tuesday, May 1st

8:00 MST

Call: 712-451-0828     Code: 747331#

June 5, 8:00 pm, MST 

Utah Foot Zone Conference Report

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